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What's the Temperature?

   One important weather element greatly misrepresented is the temperature. It seems that everyone has an outdoor thermometer somewhere in or around their home. That thermometer, however, cannot and will not give accurate readings unless it is properly exposed to the elements. I often hear people tell me that the temperature at their house was far off from what was reported on television and radio. Most likely, this is because the thermometer is attached too close to an object (house, window, etc...) which does not allow air circulation around the thermometer. Even the digital bank thermometers usually give inaccurate readings because of their incorrect exposure.

What is temperature?
How to read a thermometer. - this is a really cool way to learn how to use a thermometer. It requires  Macromedia's Shockwave 
Temperature Reading - From the Miami Science Museum
Today's Temperature - From Scholastic.com

Does your thermometer provide you with an accurate reading?

False temperatures both confuse people and make the job of the meteorologist more difficult. I have tried to provide a listing of key things you can do to make your local temperature readings more accurate. If you follow them, you will find your thermometer will truly represent the real temperature.

Thermometer Tips

1. Liquid in glass and digital thermometers are the most accurate.

2. Place the thermometer so it is not in direct sunlight at any time.

Example: Shade of a tree, north facing porch.

3. Place the thermometer between 4 - 6 feet above the ground, in an area where there is sufficient air flow.

4. Do not allow weather elements (rain, snow, ice) to fall on the thermometer.

  Of course, it is hard to follow all of these tips. Remember, understanding why your temperature readings are off is better than believing the incorrect readings themselves. Give them a try, and I'll bet your temperatures will agree with the actual forecast.

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